When you start a church you never know just how God will move. You hope for it, you even expect it, but you can never predict exactly how He will choose to do it. I can truly say that I couldn't have imagined we would be at this point only eight months into the birth of Captivate Church. Being given an opportunity so soon to have a church home, a place we call our own, truly exemplifies that we serve a God "who is able to do immeasurably more than we could ask, think, or imagine.  

Having a home would be a dream come true. But what I love about our church is that we could meet in a box and I believe our people would still show up. Because it is not a building, a location, or convenience that brings us together. It is Jesus, His presence, and His love that we all need, that brings us together. A building, however, is a tool that would allow us to serve this area wholeheartedly. It would be a home for people who do not have one yet. It would be a light to this city; a light that could not be hidden. 

And as we sense God moving in this, all we can ask is that you seek God in your sacrifice. We believe God has already tapped many of us on the shoulder to go for this, and we know he will tap many of you to join in this movement as well. We know ultimately God's will will be done. And whatever that is, we are at peace with it. But we know that in the Bible, every time God's people laid a sacrifice, He moved. I am beyond excited to see how God will move through us in this season.

Weston Stutz, Lead Pastor

Wholehearted Home Proposal  - Vision, project overview, and building details (Click Here)

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