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Weston Stutz

Lead Pastor

Weston considers it his dream job to lead Captivate Church. Although he loves preaching God’s Word each week, he is even more passionate about raising up, leading, and training new leaders at our church. His favorite responsibilities at Captivate are leading the staff, casting new vision and direction, and heading up teaching God’s Word at each of our gatherings. 

Weston has been in San Diego his entire life and hopes to never leave. He did not grow up loving Jesus but instead had a powerful experience with God that changed the entire trajectory of his life at 18 years old. Giving up a college football scholarship, he decided to take his first job in ministry at Horizon Christian Fellowship as the Director of Chapel for the high school. He then lead College Ministry at the Rock Church, then Young Adult/Executive Ministry at Skyline Church, all here in town. He is so thankful for the experiences these churches gave him as they prepared him to launch Captivate well.

Going forward, Weston is most excited to see new believe in Jesus, but not stop there. He is determined to help people find their unique, God-given calling in life. He loves seeing people go from “believers” to “followers.” As we follow Jesus with every part of our soul, there is no stopping what God can do through us to bring revival to the most beautiful city in the world. Let’s create the future together.

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Alex Erlenbush

Discipleship Pastor

Instagram: @alexerlenbush

Alex is living out his dream of building the local church. He loves his role as the Discipleship Pastor at Captivate Church where he is responsible for building the discipleship framework. Alex leads and develops the communities at Captivate Church, these groups meet all over the city for the purpose of impacting lives and neighborhoods. Communities are where people at Captivate meet new friends, serve their neighbors, and grow deeper in their faith. Alex is also passionate about preaching the word of God and leading the outreach initiatives of the church.

Alex grew up in Bozeman, Montana and then went to study business and communication at Arizona State University. After graduating in 2010, Alex moved to San Diego to pursue a career in real estate and marketing. In 2014, Alex opened a boutique social media marketing agency that headed up marketing efforts for real estate companies and churches. A couple years later, God called him into ministry. Alex met Weston at the young adult ministry of the Rock Church and then started the young adult ministry at Skyline Church. It was through his experiences at both The Rock and Skyline that prepared him to help launch Captivate Church.

Alex envisions an innovative future for the church, one where the Gospel is delivered to lost people through new and creative methods. He has a unique outlook on how digital media plays a role in advancing the Kingdom of God. Above all, Alex loves seeing lives transformed by the Gospel, “There is nothing better than seeing someone far from God come to know His saving love”. Alex looks forward to creating new avenues at Captivate Church for people to connect to community and to God.

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Monica Stutz

Connect Director

After graduating with a gerontology degree from SDSU, Monica began her career in the field of Social Work serving the elderly. In 2015, she left her already successful career and became the Senior Adults Ministry Coordinator at Skyline Church. During that time she also served as Skyline 6's Connect and Discipleship Director. Her heart to see people of all ages develop and connect has made her a vital asset to the team.

Strengths - Consistency, Arranger, Connectedness, Harmony, Empathy

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Caleb Carballo

Creative Pastor

Instagram: @itscalebb

In January of 2017, Caleb was hired as Skyline6's Ministry Coordinator and Graphic Designer. He's been vital to the ministry's day to day operations. as well as developing Skyline6's visual identity across multiple platforms including social and digital media. Caleb was also responsible for taking a group of l 5 students through the Creative Track of Skyline Leadership College.

Strengths - Adaptability, Communication, Maximizer, Belief, Strategic

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Emma Depuy

Worship Pastor

As a music major at SDSU, Emma was the Worship Leader of the Rock Church's college ministry before helping pioneer Skyline6 in 2014. In 2016 she became the Worship Leader for the entire church at Skyline. Her spirit filled leadership has enabled her to build a team of over 50 volunteer worshippers. Her heart is to build up worship leaders all over San Diego.

Strengths - Developer, Restorative, Empathy, Harmony, Connectedness

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Rick Dunn

After serving at Coast Hills Church, Rick joined The Rock Church as Executive Pastor in charge of a staff of 185. After helping the Rock start their first satellite campuses, Rick left The Rock to become the Executive Director of Gateway Leadership Initiative- a church planting network that plants churches all around the world. After 30 years of pastoral ministry, Rick is excited about planting a church that is focused on multiplication.

Strengths - Command, Activator, Arranger, Connectedness, Strategic